Friday 21 November 2014

Are there boundaries you may need to redefine in order to do more of what you love?

The concept of life/work balance has always troubled me. I think it's BS.

In Sparkenation 26 in my Changing What's Normal book I write "... The word balance for me implies equal. My personal and business life are not equal and are never likely to be, and neither are yours."

"...our personal and business lives can be in harmony with one another. That is, they can work together as a part of a symphony of the whole of our lives."

A small yet significant part of the way that I maintain my life/work harmony is to clearly define boundaries for others.

A simple example of this is emails. I tell my clients that I only answer emails first thing in the morning and towards to the end of the business day. I only answer emails outside these times when it suits me. I have set a boundary, nobody minds, and my service to my clients remains exemplary.

What boundaries could you redefine in your life and work in order to do more of what you love in the service of people who love what you do?

Be remarkable.

PS A lot of my No BS Mentoring work with my clients is about agreeing on boundaries and letting people loose within them. I provide tools, techniques, templates, and tips for this inside Maverick Thinkers Studio.

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