Friday 7 November 2014

Stress usually means there's an absence of feeling significant

"I feel insignificant" one female member of an otherwise male executive team I interviewed told me. "I'm stressed because I am working really hard and other members of the team don't seem to notice."

Workplace stress leads to less productive employees say Towers Watson in their latest Global Benefits Attitudes survey. They also state "The research shows that of those employees who claimed to be experiencing high stress levels, over half (57%) also reported that they were disengaged. In contrast, only one in ten (10%) employees claiming low stress levels said they were disengaged and half of this group claimed to be highly engaged."

A key role of real leadership is to notice and acknowledge.

When I questioned other members of the team mentioned above the common feeling was "why should we go out of our way to acknowledge people just doing their job."

I explored with this team the distinct correlation between people feeling insignificant i.e. undervalued, unloved, and unfulfilled, and less than desired performance. This is not rocket science. It is yet another example of a failure to be human in the workplace.

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