Monday 10 August 2015

4 actions to rise above digital noise

It's very easy today to be overwhelmed. Digital noise on it's own can drown us in a morning if we let it.

Here's 4 actions I find highly valuable in rising above the noise

1) My phone is switched off more than it's on. My clients know I will get back to them promptly. I have set the boundaries with them.

2) I only answer emails when it suits me. Usually this is first thing in the morning and last thing when I decide to finish work for the day. I only email at other times if I feel like it. My in-box is always empty after email sessions. Yes I file stuff for later review. Again I have a shared-view with my clients about what I will do and what I won't do. Nobody minds because they have been involved in the decision-making.

3) As a general rule I never spend any more than 30 minutes at any given time in front of my computer. I take breaks and do something else, including doing nothing. I find this makes me highly productive.

I love technology and the amazing things we can do with it all. I value being with human beings much more highly and so above all my focus is on connecting with humans. Yes I use technology to do so however I prefer to be with people for real more than anything else.

4) A lot of my meetings with my clients are in coffee shops. Usually before and after such meetings I spend time alone. My journal is always handy. Often I just sit for a few moments. My greatest insights and best ideas have often emerged after such moments.

Be remarkable.

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