Friday 21 August 2015

What's the one thing you'll achieve today?

In a world of overwhelm it's easy to lose focus.

My key discipline to ensure that I thrive is to only focus on one thing I want to achieve every day. Sure I get other things done. I find that focusing on just one thing is paramount to my productivity.

At the end of each year I set my goals for the next year and then create a 90 day execution plan on a page which overviews the quantum leaps I will take personally and in my business. I formally update my plan every quarter. I also engage mentors who will have regular appreciation and accountability conversations with me. I've written a blue paper about this. Click on Free Blue Paper here to download it.

A vital action is my nightly ritual of deciding on the one thing I am going to achieve the next day. Sometimes I review my 90 day plan on a page. Sometimes I just reflect on what's happened today and therefore what must happen tomorrow.

What's the one thing you'll achieve today?

Be remarkable.

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