Monday 14 September 2015

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." and a key to overcoming change fatigue

You can begin to simplify your life today. The question is will you?

You can begin to simplify your relationships today too. The question is will you?

And you can begin to simplify your business today as well. The question is will you?

What will you simplify today without losing the profound?

In your business accept change is constant and embrace every day innovation.

Every interaction and transaction that happens in your business today (and every day) is an opportunity to change what's normal (innovation) where the status quo (normal) is no longer serving.

Every day you can improve a policy, procedure, practice, process or system (the stuff that's 21st century management) and make it simpler and more meaningful for people to bring their very best to their work.

Simplification is a key to overcoming (and avoiding) change fatigue.

There are four essentials in addition to simplification:
bringing your humanity to your work,
living in and being with people the moment,
avoiding 3 traps,
and embracing the science of quantum leaps which will be the subject matter of my next post on Thursday.

Be remarkable.

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