Thursday 17 September 2015

The secret to your success in overcoming change fatigue

The ‘Darth Vader’ in the way of your increased and sustainable momentum is change fatigue.

My best advice on what you should do next is to decide on and take one quantum leap (see below) at a time.

First consider very carefully the following 4 signs of change fatigue

1) Change isn't being embraced in a human way.
2) People aren't being fully present in the moment.
3) People are being snared by subtle traps.
4) We've overcomplicated pretty much everything.

You can read about these 4 signs here.

Make a list of priorities based on what you believe will have the greatest positive and productive impact on your increased and sustainable momentum.

Decide on one thing and do that. Repeat.

Embracing the science of quantum leaps will be a key to making your greatest impact.

One small leap at a time is the most significant way that I know of for you to increase and sustain momentum.

Momentum is another word for force. There’s no greater force than that of Mother nature. To live in harmony with her we must connect with all that’s remarkable about human nature and stand firm against all that isn’t.

Ultimately guaranteeing you succeed in the change/s you lead is all about the triumph of good over evil.

"May the Force be with you!"

We have to do it ourselves, yet no-one can do it alone.

The leadership challenge facing you is impossible for you to handle alone. It can’t be done. 
John Kotter

Making Change Work For You: A Risk-Free Way To Remove 'Darth Vader' from your place

If there's evidence of change fatigue at your place and you’d like some real world, friendly and impartial advice on your next quantum leap, I’d love to "meet" with you for an off-the-record chat.

Find out how this works here.

Be remarkable.

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