Monday 22 August 2016

Being a disruptive influence for good

The very best leaders I know are disruptive influences for good. How they go about it is the subject matter for today's Monday Morning Momentum video below and the update to handbook number #4.

You can download the handbook from here.

This is the final in the series on the 8 roles appreciative leaders play remarkably well. For your convenience all 8 videos are here.

Look out for an announcement next week as to what's in store for you from September.

Today also marks the final stages of my journey to put the 4 handbooks provided to you this year into one resource.

Based on generous and candid feedback I've upgraded about 30% of the content, as well as added new material.

I expect my editor will be back to me with her thoughts and suggestions next week, meaning I'm on track for September publication.

Next week I'm meeting with my printer to finalise the cover and look of what will be a numbered and signed limited edition A4 manual. I'm also in the process of completing the companion resources web page which you can view here.

If you'd love to elevate your leadership impact, ensure more people are leading and being accountable in your business, and have increasing discretion about where to best focus your personal time and energy, then this handbook is for you.

​Inside this carefully handcrafted guide are the 29 proven principles that my clients, since 1991, have found to be the most valuable in their personal and business lives, and that they’ve learned to apply in their own best ways. There will only be 250 copies printed.

You can only receive your copy by participating in a special online or in person event.

Please complete the survey here to indicate your preference/s. 

You'll be under no obligation. I'll be in touch with you in due course. Your deadline to complete the survey, which will only take you a minute, is midnight AEST 29th August 2016.

Be remarkable.

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