Wednesday 31 August 2016

Appreciating people is much more than providing rewards and recognition

I read the 15Five blog post 4 Simple Ways To Engage Your Millennial Employees with great interest.

The first recommendation in the post is to 'Show a Little Appreciation' and goes on to talk about rewarding or recognising people at least monthly for their work.

In the great workplaces I see appreciating people is much more than monthly rewards or recognition, rather it's appreciating people as a way of being every day. Rewards and formal recognition help, yet in my observation they are small pieces of the jigsaw because as William James observed long ago:

Here's 3 suggestions for ensuring appreciating people is a way of being in your workplace every day

1) Help people to clarify their roles in terms of relationships and value delivery to each person, particularly other employees and customers/clients. Build appreciation into the conversation when value is delivered.

2) Ask your employees how value delivery can be celebrated and people appreciated as a way of being. Implement their suggestions.

3) In collaboration with your employees ensure weekly check-ins, after action reviews, and peer reviews are mandatory conversations in your workplace.

Accelerate appreciation and accountability levels will accelerate too.

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Be remarkable.

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