Friday 7 October 2016

When emails are nothing more than confirmation of agreements

Sending and receiving less emails is not a new idea. It can be a standout idea. More to the point less emails is a great way to better invest your time and energy.

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I'm forever encouraging my clients to only email when they're confirming an agreement with somebody that was made in person or using technology like Zoom, which I personally use for all meetings that aren't in person.

I'm seeing an increasing number of organisation detoxing from email like The Virgin Airlines email switch-off example here.

Determining what emails you receive and reply to is also a choice. For me personally I answer emails in the morning and evening, and only at other times if it suits me. My clients have no issue with this.

In terms of what emails I receive regularly such as newsletters, I am ruthless in unsubscribing when I feel I am not receiving value for the long term. I am equally disciplined in only reading emails when it suits me and usually move emails to files and read them later on.

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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