Monday 3 October 2016

Valued, Values, and Value are essential for your sustainability and prosperity

The long term sustainability and prosperity of your business depends greatly on what your employees do every day that your competitors people aren't doing (very hard to do), or your employees must be doing every day what your competitors people are, just doing so better, differently, or more uniquely. I refer to this trilogy as your key points of difference.

I have learned over 25 years of working with over 1000 business owners and leaders, women and men, in over 40 countries, that the short and long road to achieve your key points of difference has much to do with your employees feeling valued, living values, and delivering value. Your Leadership, Management and Culture are key drivers of valued, values, and value being a reality.

Sustainability and prosperity is achievable when the above are foundational and proven principles are applied in your own best way. My clients have taught me that there are 29 such principles.

Valued, Values, and Value is one of the 11 underpinning principles of The Appreciative Leader handbook. Applying it, along with the other proven principles, in your own best way, leads to your employees feeling fulfilled and loved, delivering value to each other, and ensuring there is everyday innovation. These outcomes of employees feeling valued, living values, and delivering value, are fundamental to guaranteeing that your business is fit for the future.

There are only 150 copies of The Appreciative Leader handbook being printed. You can secure your copy and the associated membership of The Appreciative Leader Community here.

Be remarkable.

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