Friday 31 March 2017

Do yourself a favour and end measuring employee engagement

"What companies really need to measure is not how engaged their employees are, but rather how consistently energized they feel. That means focusing not just on inspiring them and giving them opportunities to truly add value in the world, but also on caring for them and providing sufficient time to rest and refuel."
Tony Schwartz, CEO and founder of  The Energy Project

I read the above in this article that Tony wrote for 15Five. I was drawn to it from this 15Five article and this article by Human Resources Today about their Top 10 human capital trends for 2017. The picture below comes from this article.

All of the above has got me thinking what a disservice we have done all humans by using labels like human resources, human capital, and employee engagement.

When you think about it these labels, and the other dreadful one referring to people as assets, all come from a dead industrial revolution concept that we can treat the earth and people as means to end.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

My hope is that part of your answer is to drop all the BS labels and just treat people as they want to be treated, The Platinum Rule as Dr. Tony Alessandra calls it.

Be remarkable.

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