Wednesday 26 April 2017

Maintaining Momentum Online Master-mind Groups

I've been engaged in master-mind groups as a participant and as a leader/moderator for almost half my life. The journey began 35 years ago when I first read the great book 'Think and Grow Rich'.

I currently lead an in person group that meets monthly in Ballarat, my place of birth. I also provide 1:1 mentoring for members in between group gatherings. Find out more here.

The most remarkable leaders I know are in the habit of regularly stepping off the field of play to work on yourself and on your business.

Because of the wonders of technology the majesty of master-mind groups can now happen online where we can tap into the wisdom of peers operating in non-competitive businesses and from different countries and cultures.

I regard having a mentor/s and belonging to a master-mind group/s as the top two essentials for personal and business growth.

I'm excited to call for expressions of interest in 'Maintaining Momentum Online Master-mind Groups'. Please download the details here and then get in touch.

Be remarkable.

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