Monday 10 April 2017

The Gifts Symposium

As you may know I'm in the process of giving away my learning, unlearning, and relearning from my life and work that can be provided digitally, and that I believe you as a purpose-driven leader will highly value.

The access page to my gifts for you is here.

These symposiums are your opportunity to explore with me personally and other people of like heart and mind, the gifts I'm providing. 

Read more of the philosophy here.

The subject for this first symposium on May 4th 2017 is Change Leadership.

We'll be embracing one meaning of symposium - a drinking party or convivial discussion. The drinking is optional. I'll probably be having a whiskey. Convivial discussion will be the focus; to be precise candid and convivial.

We'll be exploring: 
why change management is an oxymoron, 
why we need a change processes and not change programs, 
and why all change is personal first, relationships second, and organisational a distant third.

Registration for this symposium is also a gift. 
You can claim your place here.

Be remarkable.

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