Friday 25 January 2019

Everything remarkable begins with human-centred design

There's many big turnaround's happening in management as this Forbes article by Sunnie Giles articulates.

My favourite piece from her article.

"Return to humanity

To deliver on the Industrial-era mantra of efficiency and standardization, we dehumanized people. Corporate Legal departments have systematically attempted to eliminate all elements of emotions and touch in the workplace, because they are messy, unpredictable legal liabilities. As result, the workplace has become sterile: void of human connection. However, the best way to deliver on the new basis of competition—learning  and innovation—is through trial and error, diversity of thought, and self-organization, all of which require unleashing our human potential as unique, idiosyncratic thinkers with diverse perspectives."

The diagram on the left is from IDEO's Field Guide to Human-Centred Design which you can download here.

I recommend the field guide as a tool for ensuring your workplace is a place where humans can thrive.

Everything remarkable begins with human-centred design.

Be remarkable.

PS In my new Remarkable Workplaces book I restate my long held belief that management is not about people rather the processes, policies, procedures, practices and systems we design to ensure people can bring the best version of themselves to their work every day, and that mean value is simple to deliver.

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