Friday 19 July 2019

Meetings that actually matter part five - after-action-review

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This is part five of 7.

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Today I’m exploring after-action-reviews.

After-action-reviews are a game-changer because while every detail is still fresh in people’s hearts and minds is really the only time to effectively review performance.

This is why all the great sports coaches get their teams in the room privately straight after the game and before they speak with anyone else.

Of course on the training track during the week videos are being reviewed to increase the value of immediate after-action reviews.

After-action reviews are part of stage 4 in my mother model for achieving your best results at the least human and business costs.

After-action-reviews are both formal and informal meetings.

I recommend the following 5 stage format for both.

1) Review one action at a time and answer the following questions what happened and why? what did we learn, relearn, and unlearn? How can we be better, wiser and more valuable in applying these learnings? Who will we become? What will we do next?

2) Determine with your colleagues how your answers will be integrated with what is already working well for you.

3) Upgrade your individual, team and organisational plans and co-promises on a page accordingly.

4) Reflect new perceptions in appropriate standard operating procedures, policies and practices.

5) Upgrade learning and development materials.

There you have it. The sooner you begin to adopt this 5 stage format in your own best way the sooner you will be celebrating your best ever results.

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