Friday 14 February 2020

Real leaders excel at people leadership

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People leadership is unearthing, magnifying and enhancing people’s essence (character, uniqueness). We need more of it. People leadership is one of my BIG three in Possibility Leadership.

I believe people leadership is the number one role of leadership overall.

To excel you must be able to see and bring out the best in people, including yourself.

One of the many wonderful insights of quantum science is that we live in a world of infinite possibilities.

When it comes to us humans this is also true.

There are no duplicates. 80 - 100 billion people have walked planet earth. Only one you!

Each one of us is a one-of-a-kind human being. Seeing every person’s essence first and foremost, every time, is the first step into possibility leadership.

Every time you meet someone see their uniqueness, their one-of-a-kind character.

From there inspire and support them to unearth, magnify, and enhance their essence.

I find Goethe’s insight from about 200 years ago timeless: “When we treat man as he is we make him worse than he is. When we treat him as if he already was what he potentially could be we make him what he should be.”

Never judge another person’s intentions, feelings, thoughts or actions, rather help people to be accountable, while being an accountability role model yourself.

I recommend 5 actions to excel at people leadership:

1) Focus on competing with yourself and seek to collaborate with everyone else.

There’s a short online course of mine here to help you. It’s called ‘Reasons, Relationships, and Routines Guarantee Results'.

2) Never ask Who? when something doesn’t go according to plan, instead ask What happened? And then Who do you need to become and what must you do next to get back onto your path?

3) Show appreciation, gratitude, care and compassion in everything you are and do.

4) Help other people to do work that is meaningful for them and highly valuable for others. In the work support people to enhance their essence.

5) Make sure that learning and leadership and talent development have priority in your workplace. Invest in outside experts who can help you.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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