Monday 2 March 2020

7 lessons learned while not having a laptop for 8 days

I got my replacement laptop lunchtime Saturday after 8 days without one.

I still don't have working files as my Apple ID is in recovery mode. And as yet nothing recovered from the old hard drive or back up drive.

7 lessons learned

1) I'll have more data in the cloud in the future.

2) We don't need as much stuff as many of us have in our lives. I've been on a minimalist path and can accelerate this.

3) Essentialism i.e. "less but better", and something I've been working with since 2015, now has even deeper meaning for me.

4) Losing patience, getting frustrated or angry are all decisions we make. It's hard to make different decisions about things we cannot control, yet worth it.

5) Often once we surrender to struggle and get back to flow what we want to happen does and often very quickly.

6) Most people have heart for our predicaments when we show heart to them for who they are without attachment to getting back.

6) Love is the life-force. It's inside all of us. When we let love flow we can see our problems and challenges in a different light and can let go the fear that surrounds them.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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