Monday 8 June 2020

First, second and third places AC (after corona)

First place home, second place work, third place everywhere else. All have changed DC (during corona) haven't they?

I sense more changes AC (after corona) as well as taking the good from DC (during corona) into the future.

First place Home

Many people are telling me that they have a renewed enthusiasm for family and a greater appreciation of family members. I feel that this will continue and contribute to a more peaceful world. You?

Second place Work

Will the workplace ever be as it was? I hope not. Many people have expressed to me the desire to continue to work from home. Of course this is possible for many of us. My sense is that less traffic by car, less plane travel, and less urban life would be good for people as well as the planet. You?

Third place Everywhere Else

BC (before corona) I met with my clients online and in person. Most of the in person was in coffee shops or hotels because people often wanted to get away from the office! I expect when we are allowed out this will continue.

Of course online Zoom has become the third place. I was already comfortable in the Zoom room. Now there's more rooms because Zoom have added a great breakout facility. I have very much enjoyed my experiences using this addition to their offering.

I'm continuing to make my conversations online as human-centred as possible. No voice over slides is one way to do this. The conversation below that was held last Wednesday with my colleague Susan Furness is a great example. Learn more about my first and third Tuesday's and Wednesday's online events here.

My sense is more Zooming even AC (after-corona). You?

There is turmoil in many parts of the wider world at the moment. I believe this is largely about the self-centred and the self-righteous trying to hang onto a world that benefited them and not everyone else. I want to see this world end.

I cannot do anything about it directly though. What I can do is be better and wiser and more valuable in the world's that I co-exist in both online and in person. You? When we all do this the wider world will benefit.

I wish you well in your world and the first, second and third places where you belong.

Be remarkable.

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