Monday 1 June 2020

There is no Them

I'm a fan of Kevin Kelly. His '68 bits of unsolicited advise' that he gave on his 68th birthday contains a lot of wisdom. Some of my favourites are below. Check out all 68 here.

There is no “them” is my number one. Could be the most important piece of advice for thriving AC (after corona).

Don’t be afraid to ask a question that may sound stupid because 99% of the time everyone else is thinking of the same question and is too embarrassed to ask it.

Being able to listen well is a superpower. While listening to someone you love keep asking them “Is there more?”, until there is no more.

Gratitude will unlock all other virtues and is something you can get better at.

Treating a person to a meal never fails, and is so easy to do. It’s powerful with old friends and a great way to make new friends.

Rule of 3 in conversation. To get to the real reason, ask a person to go deeper than what they just said. Then again, and once more. The third time’s answer is close to the truth.

Don’t be the best. Be the only.

Don’t take it personally when someone turns you down. Assume they are like you: busy, occupied, distracted. Try again later. It’s amazing how often a second try works.

The purpose of a habit is to remove that action from self-negotiation. You no longer expend energy deciding whether to do it. You just do it. Good habits can range from telling the truth, to flossing.

The more you are interested in others, the more interesting they find you. To be interesting, be interested.

Optimize your generosity. No one on their deathbed has ever regretted giving too much away.

To make something good, just do it. To make something great, just re-do it, re-do it, re-do it. The secret to making fine things is in remaking them.

Be remarkable.

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