Monday 27 July 2020

An alternative to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution

This is a repost from 13th May 2019  I'm currently reviewing the ebook referenced for what content might be included or referenced in my Heart-Leadership book that I am currently writing.

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is an idea that I don't believe in.

It's supporters suggest that The First Revolution was when we shifted to mechanised production, The Second when we shifted to mass production, The Third when digital automates at speed, and The Fourth when technologies mean the lines are blurred between physical and digital. Nothing wrong with these descriptors within themselves.

The reason I don't like the terminology is that first through fourth has meant dehumanisation. We are still recovering from the first in this sense!

In my ebook pictured I offer a different perspective by looking at history through ages namely agricultural, industrial, information and purpose.

This ebook is highly practical.

You'll find it a valuable resource for putting humans first and making sure that technology use is such that it enhances the human experience.

You can download this ebook with my compliments, on the last page of this PDF which contains links to all my digital resources.

Be remarkable.

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