Friday 17 July 2020

The excitement of enhancing the employee and customer experience

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In writing my Heart-leadership book this week my focus was on simplicity. In the book simplicity has 3 components - purpose, methodologies and the employee/customer experience. Today’s podcast part of what I wrote.

I carry an umbrella in the bottom of my briefcase.  I have only ever been stopped at an airport once. On one particular day I remember vividly the security person went way over the top when my bag went through the security device with my umbrella in it.

On the return I thought I would avoid unnecessary delay and rudeness by taking my umbrella out of my briefcase.  The security guy said “No need mate thank you, our equipment picks them up easily.”  Same equipment, different response. One guy rude, one guy pleasant.

Why the inconsistency? I suspect it has much to do with the employee experience.

The best future of your business depends greatly on how remarkable the experience of your employees and therefore the customer experience which flows from the employee experience.

The very best employee and customer experience begins with four actions:

1) Role clarity and recruiting people to match roles,
2) How well your processes make it simple for your employees to bring their essence to their work,
3) Ensuring your employees are fully equipped to provide memorable service, and
4) How empowered your employees are to use their initiative and create an awesome experience.

If I came to your place what would my experience be like?

In the past week I have experienced great service in person from one organisation and lousy service from the same organisation online.

Would I find your levels of service online and in person to be different?

The service experience we provide our customers/clients with and indeed co-create with them, matters more than ever.

Everywhere you look there's headlines saying The Future of Business Is Technology.

What if it isn't?

All day, every day there's talk of digital revolution and disruption. What if this isn't what really matters?

In her wonderful book MEANINGFUL: THE STORY OF IDEAS THAT FLY, Bernadette Jiwa says:

“... it's not the technology in isolation, particular platforms or specialised functionality that's driving the change; what's driving this new wave of relevance is the humanity of the entrepreneurs and business owners who create the products and user experiences that people love.”

I couldn't agree more.


The future of your business is all about your humanity, how you see and treat people. Then you can concern yourself with how technology can help you to enable and enhance the experience you provide for your customers/clients.

Steve Jobs was onto this long ago of course. He said "You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

To get excited I highly recommend head work as follows:

1) Undertake extensive review of your client/customer experience. What is it truly like? How could it be better? Of course it goes without saying that you would ask your customers these questions!

2) Look at every transaction and interaction with clients/customers. What improvements could be made in light of the answers to 1) above.

3) Overall what is the level of employee satisfaction? Ask them of course. And take action accordingly.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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