Friday 20 November 2020

Everything is what it is

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It’s easy to get into a rage about many things in our world.

How can it be that 71 million people voted for a guy who lies for a living?

Why are so many corporate leaders greedy and focused on power and control?

How come so many politicians are corrupt?

We can easily get sucked into things of this nature right? I’m guilty.

And yet all that I’m responsible for is my own intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours. I’m not responsible for your intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

I find these truths both liberating and challenging.

As I was researching and beginning to write my Heart-Leadership book that is now in the publishing process, I released that there is a natural flow from harmony, heart, head, hands and happenstance. These became a mnemonic.

When I focus on what’s bad or negative in the world I’m out of harmony with myself and therefore cannot hear my heart clearly.  This means I ask my head the wrong questions and I end up doing what isn’t right for me.

What does harmony with yourself, other people, and our planet mean for you?

Here you'll find videos, podcasts and self-directed online course to help you answer and act on this question.

Should you beam when you read, watch and/or listen maybe The Heart-Leadership Experience is for you. It's on next week (24th and 25th) and the 8th and 9th of December. Learn more and register below my profile here. 

Everything is what it is. When we accept this and focus on being in harmony with ourselves, other people and our planet we can hear our hearts, get crystal clear in our heads and then take the most appropriate actions for us with our hands.

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.


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