Monday 16 November 2020

The life-enhancing energy of enthusiasts

HT to my colleague in The Right Company Jeremy Deedes.

I have begun referencing my clients as enthusiasts because I feel it better honours them.

The term came from a conversation within The Right Company about solving customer problems which progressed to being more about helping people to achieve what is important to them within specific niches.

My enthusiasts:

  • Bring their fully alive human being selves to the Heart-Leadership conversation arena.
  • Find joy in knowing and being there for other one-of-a-kinds gathered.
  • Share hard earned wisdom as well as epiphany's when they arrive.
  • Receive and give mentoring with open hearts and clear heads.
  • Delight in the success of performance possibility peers and partners.
  • Share stories other people feel themselves in.
  • Live the qualities, catalysts and actions of Heart-Leadership.
  • Ask really great questions.
  • Are implementers who also place a lot of emphasis on after-action-reviews and then integrating new learnings and perceptions with what is already working well.

As a consequence of Heart-Leadership people feel valued, live values and deliver and exchange value and innumerable pathways to possibility are opened. 

Who are your enthusiasts? What do they bring to your world?

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Be remarkable.

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