Friday 19 March 2021

Being a wise leader in your own best way

Welcome to podcast and post number 100.

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Each Friday's podcasts are always under 10 minutes.

My first podcast was about wisdom workers who I believe are the people we need a majority of in all workplaces. Here's the first podcast and blog post.

Today is also the day that I begin the official launch of the next phase in my work of focusing on wise leaders and on helping you to become the wise leader you want to be.

In my short video this Wednesday, I mentioned the five ways that I recognise wise leaders:

1) The great questions you ask and the timing of when you ask them.

2) How you put aside bias and reach a shared-view with other people.

3) How you make people feel valued.

4) How you live your values behaviourally.

5) How you deliver and exchange value with the people who are within your circles of influence.

Since publishing the video and asking for comments I've received the following:

From my colleague Sue Heatherington "#wiseleaders take the long view and are clear on their underlying purpose - why they are here."

From my colleague Glenn Capelli "Wise leadership creates sustainable high performance learning environments- Group Genius."

From my colleague Claudia Brose "a way to recognize #wiseleaders would be for me also: wise leaders truly LISTEN.  The don't listen in a way so they can come up with a counter-thought/argument...but listen because they want to understand the other side."

What would you add?

My favourite insight into great questions come from the Egyptian write Naguib Mahfouz

Two of the great questions that my clients and myself ask regularly are 

What’s worth celebrating? And What can be better?

A daily question is What am I grateful for today?

You will find 96 more great questions here.

Putting aside bias and reaching a shared-view with other people is an essential skill of wise leadership. 

This is so much so that I am currently right a book about this that will explore the organisational seven areas of significance for sustaining shared-view I have already written about with some new insights, plus I will be introducing personal and relationship insights. Here's a short self-directed online course you can complete with my compliments on the work so far.

People feeling valued, living values and delivering and exchanging value are of course central to Heart-Leadership. 

They are outcomes of people leadership, process innovation and progress sustainability.

Videos and podcasts on Heart-Leadership are here.

Living Value and Delivering and Exchanging Value

Here you will find a blog post and a video that I posted on February 6th 2012. I think it demonstrates the longevity power of living our values behaviourably and focusing on delivering and exchanging value.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

In the ancient divide and conquer world there were wise leaders. They were called heretics and were often derided and even murdered for their standards and insights.

Today we are a little more civilised and yet divide and conquer and keeping people in fear still dominates our landscape. 

I believe there has been a great shift. It began perhaps in the 1960’s. It gained further momentum this week when thousands of women marched for justice in Australia.

In this new world wise leaders are recognised, revered and respected.

How will you become the wise leader you want to be and in your own best way?

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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