Monday 5 July 2021

What we owe each other

This is a great book. It shines many lights on what's possible in a world where equality is not yet normal.

Reading this has continued my quest to do what I can to eliminate injustice.

I'm convinced that our best future is not just about jobs and growth, the catch cry of many conservative politicians.

I'm equally convinced that businesses can be more responsible. I found this definition by the OECD about such conduct interesting to say the least in the light of a lot of business behaviour.

Yanis Varoufakis and Daran Acemoglou given us lots to think about in their debate about universal basic income (UBI) or as Yanis prefers Universal Basic dividend. 

Yanis features again in this very interesting conversation 'Debt is power' with Astra Taylor, Jayati Ghosh and Frank Barat. David Graeber's book 'The First 5000 Years' mentioned is here. 

Further recommended reading 

'Another Now' by Yanis Varoufakis.

'The Double X Economy' by Linda Scott.

'The Deficit Myth' by Stephanie Kelton?

Our political, financial and business systems are not fit for purpose. We need to make them obsolete.

'We should thank the unemployed for their service. They've been used to control inflation' is an article by business writer Gareth Hutchens that clearly demonstrates that having unemployed people and people living in poverty is policy. Disgusting isn't it?

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