Friday 9 July 2021

What's driving you?

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This is episode 116. 

I’m a member of a wonderful peer group called The Right Company. 

We have members from all over the world. Recently Jeremy Deedes, a member from the UK and a life and financial planning coach, asked what drive us?

He provided this list for contemplation:

  • Values-driven
  • Vision-driven
  • Money-driven
  • Duty-driven
  • Task-driven
  • List-driven
  • Goal-driven
  • Fear-driven
  • Ambition-driven
  • Serenity-driven

I added serving others driven to this list. 

Then I began reflecting and remembered a great book by the Founder of The Right Company Bernadette Jiwa who wrote this brilliant book.

I like it so much it makes my top 21 recommended reading list.

The more I reflected the more I decided that I am story-driven. I’m driven by the story of my own life and my quest to continue to be better, wiser and more valuable. 

I’m driven to see, unearth, magnify and enhance my essence (unique personal wisdom) and to help you to do the same. 

I’m driven by the story of life and us humans and how we can change the status quo narrative and leave the world better than when we arrived here.

What’s driving me is shifting the normal narrative from

  • scarcity to sufficiency.

  • this is how it is to anything is possible.

  • competition to collaboration.

  • command and control to co-operation and freedom.

  • growth to responsible progress.

  • profit to people, purpose, and planet.

  • more is better to less but better.

  • greed to gratitude.
appraisal to aspirations, appreciation and accountability.

  • fear to love.

What’s driving you?

Become the wise leader you want to be?


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