Friday 8 May 2009

The Rise of the Social Intrapreneur

For me there are, broadly speaking, three kinds of people that I meet in the modern organisation:

The happy being miserable: these folk complain about everything and are disengaged from their work. It is not that these people aren’t good people, they just haven’t found their place as yet.

The happy being mediocre: these folk sit in silence, however they are open to inspiration and influence, and therefore can be engaged.

The happy being magnificent: these folk refuse to complain about anything and are fully engaged in their work.

For years the typical organisation’s people engagement percentages have been, 10% miserable, 80% mediocre, and 10% magnificent.

The happy being magnificent are on the rise. I have had the great privilege and honour to work with many of these folk. Often they have been part of “change champions” teams we have selected with our clients to implement the changes myself and my colleagues have recommended and helped to instigate.

The happy being magnificent have had enough of fake leadership and have taken their destiny in their own hands. In some circles they are being referred to as “social intrapreneurs”.

“I am convinced we are about to go over the awareness tipping zone,” says Bill Drayton of Ashoka, “to an ‘everyone a changemaker’ world.

The happy being magnificent have a sense of self that is inspiring:

*I am a one-of-kind. Therefore I am obligated to be the best I can be
*I can’t wait for other people to take action. I will do what I can regardless of what others do or don’t do
*I will do today what others won’t be doing until tomorrow
*I am doing what I love to do in the service of others
*I know my life’s work and I am fulfilling it
*I live with passion
*I am responsible for my own feelings, thoughts, and actions
*I know it is not what happens that is important, rather how I respond to what happens
*I don’t judge how others live their life, I simply follow my own path
*I am aware of my talents and I am putting them to good use
*I know my shortcomings and collaborate with others who have strengths that I do not
*I maintain “an attitude of gratitude” no matter what
*What I do matters. I make a difference.

Are you happy being miserable, mediocre, or magnificent?

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