Tuesday 12 May 2009

Want to save money and help the environment?

I highly recommend Nicholas Bernhardt and Tony Hall, Directors of Greenbizcheck. They are new world builders and have developed one of the best environmental impact assessment tools that I have come across.

Greenbizcheck is an environmental certification company. Clients complete an entry-level, online, best-practice assessment which has been heavily researched and which comprises the latest European and Asian environmental best practice standards. Clients are then provided with an in-depth, high impact assessment report containing a wide range of practical measures to reach an efficiency threshold.

The assessment covers:
Energy conservation
Water consumption reduction
Waste reduction and recycling
Transportation and travel
Supply chain sustainability
IT / Data Centres

The benefits of GreenBizCheck certification:
Save thousands of dollars at the office and at home
Attract and retain staff
Create new revenue opportunities
Independent verification of green credentials
Utilise for PR and Marketing
Creates healthier work environment
Take the lead and help protect our planet

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