Wednesday 26 May 2010

45 tools, tips, and techniques for recruiting, engaging, and retaining great people

45 tools, tips, and techniques for recruiting, engaging, and retaining great people is the title of my latest ebook and perhaps my most practical ever to help SME owners, leaders, and employees be remarkable in todays challenging times.

My ebook is about:

Attitude towards ourselves and other people.

The great German playwright, poet, and novelist Goethe said:
If we see man as he is, he can only get worse. 
If we see man as he could be, he can only get better.

How do you see yourself and other people?

Appreciating ourselves and other people

The eminent psychologist William James observed:
The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.

How well do you genuinely appreciate yourself and other people?

The lack of accountability across the board in the world today is the biggest reason in my view for our troubles as a human race.

Just think Wall Street, Politics!

Accountability is the other side of the coin to appreciation. And one without the other is a recipe for poor performance.

How well do you hold yourself and other people to account for less than agreed performance?

My ebook contains the best 45 tools, tips, and techniques I have designed and helped people to implement in the past 20 years that mean a better attitude towards people, greater appreciation of people, and higher levels of accountability. All these of course lead to greater performance and higher profits.

You can purchase my ebook here for a short time only for just $5 AUD!

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