Saturday 1 May 2010

Is doing good, REALLY good for business?

On 28th April I was interviewed by Gihan Perera of First Step Communications on the subject Is doing good Really good for business.

Gihan asked me some tough questions:

Do you have real evidence that this helps the bottom line?

Can we afford to do this in tough economic times?

Is it really the organisation's responsibility, or should they maximise shareholder return and leave it to the shareholders themselves to do the good?

Are organisations just doing this because it's good PR? (And if so, does it matter, as long as the good gets done?)

Are we in danger of doing superficial good and feeling smug about it (e.g. greenwashing), while neglecting the real problems?

I trust that my answers will challenge your mind, stirr your heart, and inspire you to take personal responsibility for sustainability.

You can listen to or download the interview here.

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