Wednesday 19 May 2010

Could there be life without party politics?

David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s rise to Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of United Kingdom has got me thinking of life beyond party politics. Neither man’s party won enough votes in the recent election so they have been forced to collaborate in order to form a Government. Many doubt this so-called experiment will work. I for one think it is desperately needed: politicians in some ways ideological opposed, working together for the common good. Isn’t the common good what politicians are supposed to be working for?

Pity collaboration is not happening in America or Australia where party politics stands in the way of progress. Australian Prime Minister Rudd’s reputation is in tatters because he doesn’t have the numbers to turn his climate change legislation and other reforms into law and so he has back flipped on most of what he promised he would do before he got elected.

On the other side Opposition Leader (what a joke we have such a title) Tony Abbott talks tough and that’s about all, a typical politician, all huff and puff and no courage to put aside differences and actually achieve something that matters for the common good. In recent days Abbott basically admitted on National television that he doesn't always tell truth. His predecessor Malcolm Turnbull at least had courage and appeared to be honest. Sadly he got dumped.

President Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize based on a hope he would lead the world out of the pathetically self-interested way we have been led for centuries. Currently hope is looking hopeless as extraordinary vehemence dominates American politics and as a result necessary real reforms fade into oblivion.

Party politics is a great demonstration of either/or thinking and lies at the heart of the violence that dominates our world. Without party politics would there be such violence?

I vote for independent politicians. My hope is that one day such folk will out number the political parties and we will then have a chance at real democracy.

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