Sunday 2 May 2010

Are these the top ten trends in building and growing sustainable businesses?

Here is a great article about what may well be the top 10 trends in building and growing a sustainable business. The article provides links to some great case studies.

“1. A deeper understanding of what sustainability means.

2. Your employees are your secret weapon.
3. Speaking with rather than to your customers.
4. Your impact goes well beyond what happens in your office.
5. Really get to know your suppliers.
6. The gap is getting bigger, which is both good and bad.
7. A more open environment to explore sustainability.
8. The ‘business case’ is wider than most realize.
9. Your new recruits will take you there.
10.Having fun with it.”

I would value your feedback on whether you think these are the top ten trends and what you would add or subtract.

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