Friday 9 March 2012

Are you building bridges or walls?

Leadership for me is the art of inspiring people to bring everything we are (the one-of-a-kind each of us is) to everything we do.

Leadership falters without management.

Management for me is the practice of making it simple and possible for people to bring everything we are to everything we do.

Successful leaders and managers are bridge builders.
They build structures, systems and most importantly communities that inspire and make it simple and possible for people to connect, commune and collaborate.

The mantra of successful leaders and managers is “let’s find a way forward together.”

Unsuccessful leaders and managers build walls. Their structures, systems, and whole way of being restrain, stop, or try to control people.

This week in Australia, the Governments treasurer Wayne Swan attacked several people in the mining industry in a public forum. His language, and sadly I suspect, his intent, was to build walls rather than bridges.

The mantra of unsuccessful leaders and managers is “my way is the only way.”

Are you building bridges or walls?

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