Wednesday 14 March 2012

Nothing is impossible

The following is with thanks to a broadcast email on 13th March from Evan Carmichael and his reminder 'I'm possible'.

Low self-esteem is one of societies largest problems. A key reason we belong to various tribes, is that we feel that our self-esteem is better when we associate with people of like heart and mind.

From a business perspective we know from Simon Sinek’s excellent Start With Why work that “people don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.”

A key to knowing and living our why and therefore attracting people to us, is our self-belief or self-esteem.

I love Nelson Mandela’s approach. He has said 'It always seems impossible until it's done'.

The word impossible is an interesting one. We can see many things in life as impossible or we can have the attitude ‘I’m possible!’

The more we take an ‘I’m possible’ intention into life the better our self-esteem, assuming of course we actually are in the habit of turning possibility into reality.

Next time you visit with or speak with a customer/client or a prospective one, Ask yourself, Am I communicating with all my being an 'I’m possible' intent?

Please let me know the difference having this attitude makes to your sales!

Wise words to consider:

"It’s always fun to do the impossible."
— Walt Disney

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
— Thomas Jefferson

"We tend to get what we expect."
— Norman Vincent Peale

"I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them."
— Pablo Picasso

"The difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a little longer."

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