Friday 23 March 2012

Interconnectedness, Bridge-building, Values living and growing your business

I am currently enjoying reading former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s book, Beyond the Crash - overcoming the first crisis of globalisation.

One could debate whether or not the GFC is the first crisis of globalisation, nevertheless it’s far reaching, as yet unresolved effects, should concern us all, particularly the solutions.

Brown says:
“I believe the most stunning revelation of the crisis was this: despite financial markets infusing every aspect of everyday life, the ethical values that matter in everyday life had never infused the financial market.”

Look for ways where your products/services build bridges between divides and disconnects. There is differentiation in doing so.

Brown says:
“While the manifestation of bank failure may have been under capitalisation, the true cause was much simpler: recklessness and irresponsibility all too often created by greed.”

Look for ways where your products/services remove recklessness and increase responsibility and accountability. There is differentiation in doing so.

Brown says:
“The virtues we admire most and the virtues that make society flourish - hard work, taking responsibility, being honest, being enterprising, being fair - are not the values that spring from the market, but the values we bring to the market.”

Are your values virtues? i.e. Are what you stand for and believe in, mirrored in your actions? And are you bringing these things to your markets? There is differentiation in doing so.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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