Wednesday 28 March 2012

InsideOut Enneagram—A New Look at an Ancient System

I’m very excited to tell you about a new book on the market:
InsideOut Enneagram: A Game-Changing guide for leaders by Wendy Appel presents a fresh perspective on the the centuries-old Enneagram System.

As Wendy states in the introduction to her book:
“Is there an antidote for the 21st century world’s ills?” We are faced with a groundswell of discontent and global unrest. People are dissatisfied with today’s leaders and no longer trust that they have the best interests of their constituents in their hearts and minds. There is a call for more thoughtful, empathic, sophisticated, and wise leadership—leaders who are willing to think and act differently.”

Wendy Appel, a seasoned leader herself, has travelled a diverse, complementary career path, working as a facilitator, a coach for teams and their leaders, a thought partner, a change management consultant, a public speaker, and a workshop leader. InsideOut is a culmination of twenty years of study and work with the Enneagram.

In her new book, she guides you--the leaders and members of society--to change the way you see and think. The Enneagram helps shine light on your natural strengths, your challenges, and the mostly unconscious habits of mind and desires that drive you and others. This book provides tools and shows you how to be the leader that others trust and someone they are inspired to follow.

The Enneagram is a dynamic system that reveals a lot about human nature. According to Wendy, exploring that system can be a life-changing experience.
“If you are ready, the Enneagram enables a journey through your inner landscape for powerful self-transformation. This does require a certain amount of courage. The result is enhanced emotional health, as well as the ability to respond to all circumstances with agility, balance and freedom,” she says.

Inner change leads to outer change—when your inner world transforms, the possibility opens for extraordinary shifts to occur in your organization, community and society.

InsideOut Enneagram is more than just a book about the Enneagram. It turns theory into practice with relevant case studies, exercises and reflections. I encourage you to read it for yourself, and to learn to create the life you desire by looking inside before you look out.

InsideOut Enneagram: The Game Changing Guide for Leaders by Wendy Appel launches March 29, 2012 and is available on Amazon.

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