Monday 26 January 2015

Closing our capability gaps

I received an email recently from the Australian Institute of Management where I am a Fellow that had the following opening paragraph.

Did you know that statistics from our Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI, 2014) show that most CEOs and senior managers believe that their organisations are operating at less than three-quarters of their potential? We think you'll agree that this is an alarming statistic considering that management capability is a leading indicator of organisational success.

I was alarmed yet not surprised.

Another way of looking at this is to say Most organisations can improve by 25%. Imagine that!

How much room for improvement is there at your workplace?

When I help to assess capability gaps with my clients broadly speaking I begin by looking at competency (ability) and commitment (willingness). As Blanchard and Hersey suggested many years ago people fall into 4 broad categories. Of course because most people play many roles, their capability can be represented in all 4 areas at the same time!

The number one role of leadership in my view is to be a Maestro of gift (talent) enhancement. This is all about working with people to help them to discover their unique gifts and enhance them so that they can move from where they are to where they can be (willing and able) in every role they play. Then high performance is possible. This is all about moving beyond can and will to loving what they do, and doing what they love in the service of people who love what they do.

Below is a snapshot of the journey that I go on with people.

In high performance cultures can and will do are just the beginning. High performance happens above the horizontal line.

Imagine what even a small increase in the number of your people consistently bringing their best to their work would mean for your business results, let alone your peace of mind.

What will you do next for yourself in order to close your capability gaps?

What will you do next for others that will help them to close their capability gaps?

Be remarkable.

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