Wednesday 28 January 2015

Why my embracing “Flipping the Classroom” has awesome value for You

This January 18th 2015 article about “Flipping the Classroom” in which Gihan Perera kindly mentions my pioneering work in online learning, confirmed a decision I had made a few days earlier to give the right people complimentary access to my trademark, highest value work.

The backstory to my decision is below. To jump straight to what my decision can mean for you and to take the action I suggest at the end of this post go here.


Every 90 days I conduct a review of my life and work. I ask two questions; What's worth celebrating? What can be better?

I ask my clients, mentors, and some members of my family to answer these questions about my business and myself too.

I then update my PPP (performance possibility plan) for the next quarter.

In December each year I conduct a bigger review where I reflect on the whole year. Then, when I have updated my PPP, I go and see at least two of my mentors for a No BS session.

On the 14th January I had the second of these sessions. In 90 minutes my mentor gave me some feedback I didn't want to hear yet I'm glad I did. (You might be too) He's my kind of mentor this guy and the mentor I seek to be for my clients.

Seth Godin provides the best description of this kind of mentor that I have come across. He says

Good advice is priceless. Not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Not imaginary, but practical. Not based on fear, but on possibility. Not designed to make you feel better, designed to make you better. Seek it out and embrace the true friends that care enough to risk sharing it. I’m not sure what takes more guts—giving it or getting it.

In his feedforward to me my mentor suggested that in order to achieve one of my goals, that of increasing the number of mentoring clients I want, I need to give people the gift of what I do and that it needs to be a gift, that is something I give for free without expectations of getting anything back. The paradox of this my mentor said is that I will end up with the number of clients I want.

My decision and the awesome value for you

As a consequence of the above I made the decision to give you six months membership of Maverick Thinkers Studio for free, including your ability to participate in the group No BS mentoring sessions that I conduct online every first and third Monday (except in January).

Take up this offer here.

Disclaimer: If the turnover of your business is less than 1 million and you have less than 10 employees this offer is not for you.

The subject matter for the first few Monday mentoring sessions this year are about my 45 really useful tools, tips, techniques for recruiting, engaging and retaining great people. It's an ebook you'll be able to download once your inside Maverick Thinkers Studio. I call these the Fabulous forty-five and we'll be exploring a few that are key to ensuring this year gets off to the best possible start for you.

Once you're a member of Maverick Thinkers Studio you'll receive an email twice a month from me that will let you know of updates to resources and the subject matter for upcoming group No BS Mentoring sessions.

If this is for you please join here.

You'll either prove or disprove my experiment. Thank You in advance!

Be remarkable

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