Monday 12 January 2015

Empower yourself. What/who are you waiting for?

One of the great obstacles to ensuring this year is your best year yet is waiting.

What/who are you waiting for?

Already this year I've encountered people waiting for the perfect scenario before they take action.

"Empower yourself. The world around you is rich with opportunity and splendor. You can consume, so long as you also contribute. But doing either one without the other is foolish, and deprives you of power."
Alan Weiss

What will you contribute today that will move you closer to what can be in your life? Don't wait. Decide. Take action.

The opposite of empowerment is control. There is much in life we can't control. There are people and situations trying to control us. Control the controllables. Let go of your attachment to what others are doing or not doing. Empower yourself.

What/who are you waiting for?

Be remarkable.

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