Friday 2 September 2016

The simplest solution to most of your problems

Several times this week I've been involved in conversations with clients where one person (or group of people) is not fully satisfied with the value that is being delivered to them by another person (or group).

It turns out that most of the time there's been a misunderstanding or miscommunication about expectations.

The simplest solution to most of your problems is to find out exactly what other people need and want from you, and then deliver that in the format/s they've asked for.

Zig Ziglar was onto this long ago.

This all sounds simple enough, yet in practice simple rarely means easy!


1) Next week invest time and energy reflecting on all the roles you play, and all of the people you have relationships with, and write down what each person needs and wants from you.

2) Over the course of this month make a time to meet with each person (in person or online using a facility that means you can see each other) (don't email) and check in with them to ensure that what you believe they need and want is precisely what they need and want and in the format/s they desire.

3) Make the necessary modifications/changes to how you deliver the value that other people need and want.

As always should you like some help with this please contact me on +61 418 807 898.

Be remarkable.

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