Friday 30 September 2016

Is organisational design in your top 10?

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report provides valuable insights into what's crucial for the future performance of your business.

Based on more than 7000 survey responses from over 130 countries, 10 key drivers are identified as very important or important as follows:

1. Organisational design (92% of respondents identified as very important or important)
2. Leadership (89%)
3. Culture (86%)
4. Engagement (85%)
5. Learning (84%)
6. Design thinking (79%)
7. Changing skills of the HR organisation (78%)
8. People analytics (77%)
9. Digital HR (74%)
10. Workforce management (71%)

I'm not surprised that organisational design is the top driver. For me the key to effective and executable design revolves around asking people 3 powerful questions:

1) What is essential to ensuring you feel valued?
2) How can we better articulate and measure the behaviours that demonstrate we're living our values?
3) What value are you delivering, to whom, and how can we make the processes simpler for you?

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I will address valued, values, and value in my post next Monday. For now what would make your top 10 list?

Be remarkable.

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