Friday 24 February 2017

Distraction is hurting your business long before it becomes disruption

Everywhere I look people are distracted.

Of course when I'm looking I'm distracted too!

Everyone is glued to their computer screen or mobile device. It's downright dangerous to walk on the footpath these days because very few people are actually looking where they're going.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents.

In your business how much meaningful and valuable work to others is actually being done?

My educated guess is a lot less than you believe.

Distraction is hurting your business long before it becomes disruption.

3 actions you can take today

1) In collaboration with your employees create and implement a policy that limits the use of smart phones. Read this article on how doing so increases productivity first. It's where I first saw this picture that says it all.

2) Make a carefully considered decision to do less 'shallow work' and more 'deep work'. Encourage others to do the same. Read more about 'deep work' here.

3) Make it a daily practice before you turn your computer on or look at your phone to write down what you're grateful for.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

“If you start work at nine, don’t check your emails until 10. Instead, use that hour to be creative and be working on your business rather than in your business.”
Michelle Bridges

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