Wednesday 22 February 2017

Every person is accountable for sustaining a remarkable culture in your business

Corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson says

"Culture is;

“ What it means to be human here.”  (‘Here’ being wherever you are referring to when talking about a culture.)
“ An unwritten social contract that turns a person into a people."

and Michael says A High Performance Culture is;

"A culture that clearly defines and inspires people to be at their best, perform at their best and serve others."

These definitions align with my foundational model for purpose-driven business success pictured below:

Every person is accountable for sustaining a remarkable (“conspicuously extraordinary”) culture in your business.

If you’re culture is less than remarkable your business is vulnerable to disruption.

You need culture champions everywhere too. These people are recognised and looked up to as role models.

This is particularly essential when your business has more than one location. If you only have one location, you’re the culture champion, right!?

When you have more than 50 employees it’s critical that a member of your leadership team has accountability for people and culture.

The purpose of such a role can be stated as follows:

Ensuring there’s leadership commitment and capability in place that means the majority of people feel valued and are living values.

Ensuring there’s management (policies, procedures, practices, processes, and systems) competency in place that mean it’s simple for people to consistently bring the best version of themselves to their work, and to deliver value to fellow employees and other stakeholders.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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