Friday 10 February 2017

Stop Focusing on Engaging Your Employees

The Corporate Leadership Council 2004 survey of 59 organisations and 50000 employees was the first major piece of research that I took notice of concerning employee engagement.

The findings blew my mind.  They were: “13% of employees actively disengaged from their work, 11% of employees fully engaged in their work, 76% of employees open to persuasion through increased emotional commitment.”  It was the 76% figure and the accompanying words that blew my mind.

Guess what? Despite billions of dollars being spent on employee engagement nothing much has changed.

The 2012 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study involving 32000 workers found that nearly two-thirds (65%) are not highly engaged.

The latest Gallup research here says "87% OF EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE ARE NOT ENGAGED AT WORK."

Engagement is a lag measure. It's a result. To improve results we must stop focusing on them and get better at lead metrics. (There's more on lag and lead and performance metrics here.)

Possible action you can take - Stop trying to engage people and focus on helping them to feel valued

Help people to feel better about themselves and their work and they'll become more engaged.

The good news about poor employee engagement is that the magic is in the middle.

First step in recommended action. Start helping people in your business who are neither engaged or disengaged to feel valued.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

PS If you have recent results from your employee engagement survey on your desk (or worse your drawer or cupboard!), start collaborating with your employees today in taking action.

PSS If you're like many businesses I see who either don't take action on surveys or their action is perceived by employees as inadequate, or it's taken too long to take action after results are in

My best advice is to stop doing your survey, because your inaction is a major contributor to employee disengagement!

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