Friday 1 September 2017

Spring is much more than a season

One of the reasons we choose to live in Victoria, Australia is that we experience all four seasons distinctively. In fact the local joke is that we can experience all four in the same day!

I don't deny though that Spring is a favourite.

Flowers seem to anticipate it, birds definitely do. Our dog Molly has had an extra spring, dare I say it, in her step lately as the weather has been showing hints of Springtime albeit tarnished with the harshness of winter.

A great axiom I live by is ensuring there are Spring moments, days and longer periods in my personal and business life regardless of the season outside.

Here are 5 rituals I embrace

1) I begin each day by writing down what I'm grateful for.

2) When I'm feeling less than my best I say out loud 'the joy of spring'. Then intention, feelings and thoughts change. Better behaviour follows.

3) I invest 1 day a month in re-imagining something about my work. Always the result is I make an adjustment that means I'm providing greater value or the same value just in a better way for my clients.

4) Every quarter I have a spring clean. I write down what's worth celebrating and what can be better. Then I rewrite my performance possibility plan for the next quarter.

5) Every year on this day, the first of September, whether it's Spring outside or not, I go through my change process pictured below and re-imagine who I am when my life is in full blossom.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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