Wednesday 11 October 2017

Value and Values Based Businesses Continue Their Rise

Here's my first post on this topic on 6th February 2012.

High values, high value business are continuing their rise for 3 key reasons:

1) Generation Next, currently aged 36 and younger, will soon be half the workforce. They are attracted to organisations who live their values more than any group of people ever have been

In previous surveys, Millennials have told us that businesses’ greatest contribution was the financial benefit associated with job creation—but they see this as an outcome rather than a guiding principle of business conduct. So, to better understand their values, we asked Millennials, “What are the most important values a business should follow if it is to have long-term success?” They responded that businesses should put employees first, and they should have a solid foundation of trust and integrity. Customer care and high-quality, reliable products also ranked relatively high in importance. Attention to the environment and social responsibility were also mentioned by a significant number of Millennials.

Source The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016

One of the keys to values is that they must be behaviours not words as I explore in the 4 minutes 35 seconds video below:

2) Machine's are taking over routine work and therefore it's easier that it's ever been to find your dream role

Machines can do algorithmic work. Soon they will do most of what's simple, routine and repetitive.

This represents a great opportunity for us humans.

According to there's 3 keys to finding a dream job

"The bottom line
To find a dream job, look for:

Work you’re good at,
Work that helps others,
Supportive conditions: engaging work that lets you enter a state of flow; supportive colleagues; lack of major negatives like unfair pay; and work that fits your personal life."

The full article where I found the above is here. 

In my work I go a step further and help people to do remarkable, meaningful to them and highly valuable to others work.

There's a plethora of research about this. The premier book to read is 'Deep Work' by Cal Newport. Learn more about this here.

A key to helping people to do remarkable, meaningful to them and highly valuable to others work is through what I call the number one role of leadership, 'enhancing their (your) gifts. I explore this in the  4 minutes and 57 seconds video below.

3) The rules have changed in the new world of work

Two of the books that I added to my top 21 recommended reading list last year were and The Purpose Economy and Technology vs Humanity.

You can read my full Amazon review here.

There's is much to love about this book. Three aspects that I love in particular are:

1) The idea of exponential humanism "the philosophy to find a way forward that will allow us to embrace technology but not become technology, to use it as a tool not as purpose."

2) The concept of "key human indicators" as a far better way forward than the traditional and tired KPI's.

3) The insight of androrithms "those qualities that makes us human" having more meaning than algorithms.

I personally don't like the use of word economy. I get it's currency. No pun intended. I don't like the use of the term 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' either.

A shift I've noticed in my lifetime is the economy has moved from being part of society to society being part of the economy.

I for one don't believe this shift has been a healthy or helpful one.

Nevertheless this book is an all time favourite. It contains great case studies.

I particularly like the 12 New Work Rules put forward in this book pictured below.

How will you better embrace the new world of work?

How will you increase the number of people in your organisation doing remarkable, meaningful to them and highly valuable to others work?

How will you better turn your values into behaviours?

Be remarkable.

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