Monday 30 October 2017

What I'd do after firing all of the politicians

To say that I'm dissatisfied with the results of politics would be a large understatement.

In the main what we're getting is mediocrity.

Here's the 9 actions I'd take to replace current arrangements that exist in democracies.

1) Make political parties and factions illegal.

(The only good thing I can see so far from the Trump fiasco is that he has demonstrated that non politicians can win elections.)

2) People who stand for election must be able to demonstrate their ability to collaborate and to lead.

(The idea that we have opposition parties and allow them to say no to whatever the Government suggests is so 19th century.) (The idea that they are holding the Government to account is nonsense. We the people are the only ones who can do that.)

3) Make political donations and lobby groups of any kind illegal as well as influence from religious groups or other belief systems.

(You can believe whatever you like. I respect that. When making decisions for all however bias to personal beliefs is an oxymoron)

4) Give all candidates the same limited amount from the public purse to conduct their campaigns and don't allow rich people to out spend anyone else.

5) Vote for a leader and let that person pick their team from those elected. Those not selected to the leadership team (ministers or whatever) would have equal say into the performance standards of the team.

6) Make 10 years or two terms the maximum time people can serve.

7) No person who has been a politician in the past would be able to stand for election again.

8) Reconfigure accountability for public servants so that the buck stops with those executing the strategy of the leadership.

(It's a given that the executors would have input into and own the strategy).

9) In Australia I'd eliminate state governments and just have local and federal governments. Included in this over time would be a move to uniformity of laws regarding education, health, aged care and other areas that affect citizens everywhere.

What would you add to or change from the above?

Be remarkable.

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