Wednesday 6 March 2019

Book review of 'Brave New Work' by Aaron Dignan

This is a profound book.

I read it in one sitting and then studied it carefully for many hours.

It makes my top 21 recommended business books list.

I love this book because it's content is what we need to embrace in order to thrive in the new world of work.

I believe that applying the lessons in the book in our own best way will allow us to finally get rid of the dehumanisation and bureaucracy hangovers of scientific management and the Industrial Revolution.

I particularly like the concepts of evolutionary organisations needing to be people positive and complexity conscious which Aaron explains brilliantly with sound research, examples and metaphors.

I also agree with Aaron that we have an operating system challenge. This has been my own personal work since 1991. The 12 chapters in Aaron's own operating system example have a great layout namely thought starters, Questions on, what does it mean to be people positive about insert subject and what does it mean to be complexity conscious about insert subject.

Part three of the book is a how to and details how to use what Aaron call's patterns, rather than steps of which there are six. I love these because they evoke self-discovery and action rather than a prescription so many management consultants provide.

I also loved the proposed practices in part three.

All up a wonderful book for anyone wanting to do brave, meaningful for you work that not just provides value for others, yet also contribute to world changes we desperately need.

Be remarkable.

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