Monday 25 March 2019

Harmony Matters was my first email address. It still works albeit being a tad unreliable and so I'm fazing out its use.

My very first newsletter for my clients, way back in 1991, was called 'Harmony Matters.'

For me harmony matters. It's the foundation for being the best version of myself and living my best life.

Like you I sometimes feel surrounded by disharmony a noun simply meaning lack of harmony or agreement.

I find the many synonyms for disharmony revealing. They include discord, friction, strife, conflict, hostility, acrimony, bad blood, bad feeling, enmity, dissension, disagreement, feuding, quarrelling, disunity, division, divisiveness, informal falling-out, disaccord, discordance.

Think politics, religion and most of the institutions the conservatives are desperately trying to hang onto because they are the source of their power.

I picture disharmony thus

In his great book 'Metaskills' Marty Neumeier says "Reject the tyranny of or and embrace the genius of and. Leave the sides behind, Look for a third alternative based on common-ground instead of compromise."

You only need to think of BREXIT for a second to realise the futility of compromise. 

Co-promise on the other hand fills us with the joy of infinite possibilities which of course is the land of quantum physics. In a word it's harmony!

Co-promise is the final sparkenation in my book 'Remarkable Workplaces'.

I picture harmony thus

We need to sustain shared-view in seven areas of significance. View the seven short videos and complete the diagnostic here.

In 'Metaskills' Marty Neumeier says "Politics, goes the conventional wisdom, is the art of compromise. Unfortunately, this is true. With dichotomous decisions, there are only three possible outcomes: win-lose, lose-win, or compromise. None of these is optimal, and all can lead to gridlock."

Disharmony is the no man's land between what is and what can be. 

See this tension, confusion, doubt, danger, conflict, difficulty or disagreement as your great opportunity.

What are the lessons of all the above for your workplace?

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Harmony Matters!

Be remarkable.

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