Monday 8 April 2019

Is it time to break up our big institutions?

"The 2010s May become known as the decade in which we lost trust in big institutions eg the church, big business & politics. Justice & atonement must follow. But beyond that, in the 2020s, there may be a return to a tribal trust & hope placed in authority."
Bernard Salt on Twitter 30th March 2019

I have great respect for Bernard and generally align with his predictions.

On this occasion I retweeted Bernard's tweet with this comment:
"Ironic cannot read full article without a subscription to a Murdoch owned newspaper. Trust in big institutions lost long before 2010s and that trust will never be regained."

What say you?

I'm concerned that there are corporations with more money than many countries and that leaders from such corporations have undue influence on politicians.

I'm worried that leaders of institutions based on faith (by definition something that cannot be proven) are allowed influence, based on such faith, on fact and conversations about the future. (I am not against faith. Each person to their own perceptions and beliefs).

I'm fearful of the money we spend on military matters compared to what we invest in avoiding conflict.

What say you?

I have doubts about institutions like politics where there is no due diligence on the people we elect before we elect them.

In Australia for example we have one influential politician who thinks Al Jazeera is an individual, only remembers books by the colour of the covers, and who confuses insurance companies with national associations in other countries. Clearly this person is not competent enough to serve us.

I am worried about political systems that result in deadlock because individuals are serving themselves or the ideologies of their parties above the best interests of citizens. BREXIT is the current prime example.

I am equally concerned by a political system able to depose Prime Ministers based on vengeance. This is Australia for the past 9 years.

What say you?

One solution to these dilemmas is to break up our big institutions.

Ironically this is probably not possible because of the power of the people who run such institutions.

What I've done personally is to live my life wherever possible as if it's
post industrial revolution,
post politics and religion,
post big business,
post violence of any kind.
post greedy bastards and do gooders.
And I live keeping my part of our planet at its regenerated best.

It's living with an attitude of gratitude mainly, and it makes a significance difference.

"Forget fake news, now we've got fake politics, fake government, fake democracy, fake life. Our most critical institutions, the very structures that underpin our society, have become parodies of themselves.

And the most terminal symptom is that many within these institutions think ordinary people don't believe in them because they are too stupid or delusional to sort between fact and fiction.

Maybe. Or maybe those people within the institutions have so thoroughly trashed them that there is simply nothing left to believe in."

Joe Hildebrand (read his full article)

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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